4th of July and some fashion finds…..

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday weekend – last weekend.  I’m a little behind. So strange having the 4th on a Monday, wasn’t it?!  I think it should be on a Friday every year.  I don’t know about you, but a Monday just felt weird considering my husband was back to work early on Tuesday morning.  Not really able to enjoy those holiday cocktails with a work day the next morning.

The day after the 4th the girls and I hung out in the city until around 11am and then headed back home.  We were hoping to snag a spot at our favorite breakfast spot, Mama’s on Washington Square, but like usual, the line was wrapped around the building. I figured since it was a Tuesday, and kind of a holiday week, that the line might be shorter…no.  You really have to get there right at 8am, or before, to get in quickly.  We left and headed to another spot called, Starbucks. 😉

We had a bit of a staycation last weekend spending Saturday and Sunday at Cavallo Point in Sausalito and Monday night at the Fairmont at Ghiradelli Square….our favorite place for watching the fireworks without having to leave the property.  Two firework shows to watch from the deck of the property.  Love!

It was a very cool and foggy weekend at Cavallo Point, which is located right below the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Baker.  It is a beautiful area and you might be familiar with this property if you have ever taken your young children to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, which was a favorite of ours when our kids were younger.  We had only eaten lunch at Cavallo in the past so we thought we would actually stay for a few nights and check out the scene.


Cavallo offers a few different room types.  Some of the rooms are located in their historic buildings and some are above the main property in more modern buildings, which were a little office looking to me so I selected one of the historic buildings.  It was charming, but also a bit dated for the price.  The bathroom was very nice and it appeared to have been recently updated.  If you happen to be traveling with a family the rooms are very specious….major plus!


No, this was not our entire house. There are four spacious rooms per building/house. Each home has a charming front porch with rockers.


A couple of darling dogs relaxing on the long veranda of the main building.


Cute place to dine on their beautiful front porch or a great place to enjoy a glass of wine during their complimentary wine hour from 4-5pm.  Normally you would be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the deck, but the fog was so thick you could only catch a glimpse of it when the fog broke occasionally.



Nice views of the city from the property and that large grassy area is a fabulous playground for dogs.  VERY pet friendly hotel and dogs were everywhere.  No, we didn’t bring our little Sherlock as he is a piece of work around other dogs when he is on leash.  We thought we would spare everyone his craziness!  Okay, so why don’t you take him off leash?  Well, my cute little guy is a runner.


Cavallo Point offers guided hikes through the Marin Headlands on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but we had to miss the hike because we wanted to take the girls on a hike in Muir Woods.  We actually caught a bit of sun which was nice.



We only dined at Cavallo for breakfast one morning and cancelled our evening reservation after a disappointing breakfast.  There are so many good options for  dining in Marin County that we thought we would try to get into one of my favorites at the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur.  We got there early and snagged a spot.  I find that early almost always works.  Not always ideal, but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.


Marin Country Mart is a wonderful little shopping center with delicious restaurants, charming boutiques, and a wonderful farmers market.  My favorite restaurant is, Farmshop!  I could seriously eat several bowls of their delicious avocado hummus!

BTW….If you are looking for a nice spa, a friend of mine told me about International Orange, located at The Marin Country Mart.  She said she really enjoyed it – and you can take the ferry to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal from San Francisco and walk across the street to the Mart.  She said it felt like a little getaway without having to go too far away.  A spa treatment, a great lunch, and a little shopping….sounds like a great day!  Maybe surprise a friend!?


I want to mention a few other places we enjoyed dining at while we were in Marin. We went to Poggio one night for dinner, which is conveniently located on Bridgeway in downtown Sausalito.  Delicious pasta!!  It has made Michael Bauer’s list of top 100 bay area restaurants several years in a row.  Do you follow Michael’s list?  Always a great way to get new dining ideas for the SF Bay Area.

We always enjoy having breakfast at, The Lighthouse, also located on Bridgeway in Sausalito.  Always a line, so get there early for the six tables they have, plus a few counter spots.  We got lucky this time because everybody was at the Sausalito July 4th parade so the line was pretty short. Score!

After breakfast we headed into the city and had a relaxing day of just walking around Chestnut Street and over to the Marina Green.  We enjoyed some time by the fire pit with some sunshine and fog. That is San Francisco in the summer…..more fog than sun.


Looking out at Aquatic Park from Ghiradelli Square at dusk.


Like I mentioned in the title of my post, I recently found a few fun pieces!  Guess where? Target, of course!  I was recently there with my daughter and we found so many cute things that I just had to share a few favorites with you!

You know I’m slightly obsessed with all things denim and this dress just had to come home with me.  It is seriously so comfortable and I’ve received so many compliments on it.  Bonus: I’ve been told that it’s figure flattering, or at least that is what my friend told me, and she wasn’t drinking. 😉  It’s a keeper!


Love camo and this t-shirt is just a cute little pop of fun and style.  And so cute on warmer days with a pair of white shorts.


How fun are these cute espadrilles from Target?  Love!  I’m wearing them all the time and my daughter told me they are very similar to the Chanel and Tory Burch espadrilles.  More like the Tory ones than Chanel, but I get what she is saying.  I love the Tory pair in leather.


How was your July 4th?  Where did you watch the fireworks?  What are your traditions?  And, what do you think of my recent fashion finds?

Thanks for stopping by to say hi and I always appreciate your comments. I truly do.

~April xo



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10 comments on “4th of July and some fashion finds…..

  1. You live in such a beautiful area of the country! Those views are amazing…love the outfits too! We spent the week of the 4th at my in-law’s beach house on the Jersey Shore. You are right, it was weird having the 4th on a Monday. Some people stuck around for the week and others left Monday night.
    Enjoy the week!

    • Hi Shelley, Sounds like a great time on the Jersey shore! I’ve always wanted to visit that area and I’ve heard that Cape May and many other areas along the Jersey shore are very charming! Yes, the Bay Area is very beautiful and I love living here, but I really do miss having warm summer evenings sometimes! We we will get our warm weather fix when we head to the south pretty soon. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! xo

  2. Hi Ms. B! I enjoyed this post. Sounds like some fun adventures for you all over the 4th. We’ve never spent much time at Cavallo Point except for passing through – great tips on accomodations. I Love the photo of you on the quaint porch with the flag! You should print and frame that one for sure 🙂 You may have more luck with the weather and the views in the late fall…you know how summer can be in SF. Still it sounded like a lovely visit. Cute Target finds! I haven’t had as much luck recently there, how do you find all the cute things? The girls and I did a day up in the city yesterday – we started at MOMA, lunched at Zero Zero (super delish chicken and waffles! not even my thing but these were really something!) and ended up at the Target in the Metreon after some bubble tea. Maybe we were just out of steam but we didn’t find anything. Thanks for sharing! xo

    • Sounds like a fun day in the city with the girls! Target is definitely hit or miss sometimes for sure. Some days I find nothing and other days I find everything! Yes, we had a good time despite the chilly temps. I think the kids actually do better when the weather is cooler and not too hot! 😉 xo

  3. Always good to hear what you have been up to… I have considered spending the night at Cavallo a few times, but price and simple decor had held me back.
    I am heading to Sausalito to check out Marin country market-thanks for the tips!
    Also FYI, Nike had an office on Bridgeway years ago when I worked there, and it did not have all those wonderful restaurants!

    • Hi Renee, Thanks for stopping by! I think Cavallo is a nice place to stop for a glass of wine on a nice afternoon but I don’t think we will be staying there again. You will love the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur….they have one down in LA as well located in Brentwood. I think it is called the Brentwood Country Mart. I haven’t been to that one but I plan to check it out the next time I’m down south visiting my sis. I didn’t know you worked in Sausalito back in the day. I’m sure that was fun and such a pretty place to wander around. April xo

  4. April, Love this post! First of all, I’ve always wanted to stay at Cavallo Point, so I do appreciate this review. At least it makes a great backdrop for your cute fashions! I also like the recommendations for eating in Marin. We often go to Mill Valley, but are clueless about the other towns. I need to get to the Marin Country Mart and that Farmshop. You had me at avocado hummus! I hope you all enjoyed Muir Woods. It’s one of my most favorite spots!

    Love this denim dress. My neighbor got it too and it’s adorable and versatile. Love those shoes too..Another mule pair? Super cute. Also love the espadrilles. I think they look like the Chanel and I am going to find those!

    Hope you are enjoying summer. Sometimes I think a staycation is better than being far away..Plus it seems so less crowded and we love that!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. I need to plan lunch. xo Kim

    • Hi Kim, So glad you liked the review. I have to say we did like it, but just didn’t love it considering what we were paying. So charming from the outside, but not as much inside. You will love the shops and restaurants at the Marin Country Mart….right up your alley for sure! Glad you liked the espadrilles and dress and I hope you can still find the shoes- I’m wearing both a lot! Look forward to seeing you soon and I need to check out the Manresa Bakery down in your area. Their bread sounds wonderful! April xo

  5. Hi April-What a fun post! I always love to get new recommendations for our lovely Northern California and you always have some fun ideas. We were in Positano on the 4th of July–and though the Italians don’t celebrate it–we enjoyed every moment of our time in Italy.
    Love your target finds. I carry some similar espadrilles in my Style*Mind*Chic Boutique. I just ordered a pair for myself in rose gold leather–super cute!!
    Looks like you are having a fantastic summer!
    xx, Heather

    • Hi Heather, Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you picked up a few new ideas. Your trip to Italy looked fabulous….I can’t wait to read your posts about it! Happy retirement to you! So exciting!

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