Beets….enjoyed 3 ways

Beets, either you like them or you don’t……at least that is what I thought.  I wasn’t an instant lover of beets, it has just happened over time, a long time I might add.  My husband loves them and so does a good friend of mine, and because of this love from others, I began to wonder what I might be missing out on…..hmmmm, could they be that good?!  I needed to give them another try.  So I did.  I decided to roast them and I found that roasting the beets was the key to enjoying this incredibly healthy root vegetable.  Roasting gives them a certain sweetness that is undeniably delicious.  Seriously, you must give them a chance, or a second chance, if you have had a less than positive experience with them in the past.

Trust me on this.

Maybe it was the memory of canned beets from my childhood.  I recall my mother trying to disguise them as something else that really turned me off to this vegetable.  I don’t think the color helped much either. 😉  I don’t know many kids or young adults who gravitate towards purple-reddish vegetables with long green leaves and roots coming out of the bottom….do you?

Okay, let’s get started with roasting the beets and 3 ways for you to enjoy them once they are roasted.

I hope you are with me on this.  My only concern is that you might get hooked on beets!


This is one bunch of beets, which included three medium sized beets.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

I peeled the beets and cut them up into similar sized chunks so they would roast evenly.

Olive oil……I poured about 3 TB on top of the beets and tossed them until they were coated with the oil and then I sprinkled the coated beets with some salt and pepper.

Roast for 20-25 minutes or until tender, but not too tender, when poked with a fork or knife.

Turn and toss them at least once during their time in the oven.

So easy and so healthy!!


Roasted beets are simply delicious on their own with a bit of salt and pepper.


One of my favorite combinations is the addition of goat cheese and unsalted walnut pieces.

The tangy flavor of the goat cheese, the crunch of the walnuts, and the earthy flavor of the beets is way too good not to try!

Absolutely delicious!!


A salad topped with beets, walnuts, and goat cheese makes an amazing lunch or dinner.


Are you a beet lover?

How do you prepare your beets?

Do you juice beets?  I’m trying that next….any tips?

Stop by and let me know.

Coming up soon…… our last stop on our summer trip to Europe and a fall fashion post.




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