Charleston… and beyond

Just downright charming, welcoming, and very hot in the summer.  Street after street of adorable homes with the prettiest stoops, window boxes, and planters.  This city really has curb appeal down to a science I tell you.  I could have spent an entire afternoon just taking in the beautiful architecture of the homes in the south of Broad area and beyond, but my kids and husband had enough of me trolling around being a nosy, busy body.  This was our second visit to this adorable town, because the first visit, five years ago, was not nearly long enough.  When I knew we were headed back to the south this past summer, I decided to add two days to our itinerary so I could discover more of this historic town.

 Love this color combination and I would love to take a look inside. 🙂

How about an afternoon tea or a mint julep in this charming garden? I’m leaning more towards the mint julep! 😉

When in the south, one must have fried green tomatoes.  Something I would never have in California, but such a decadent treat in the south.  Magnolia’s, an Oprah favorite from many years ago, is my go to spot for this yummy dish.

Half the fun to me, when planning a trip, is finding the perfect place to stay.  I devour reviews and pictures from travel websites to the point of being slightly obsessive.  I love a hotel in a great location where I can easily walk to most major attractions, good restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping.  I discovered the cutest place in Charleston and I look forward to my next visit at this great hotel in the heart of Charleston.

The charming courtyard of the Planter’s Inn.

Breakfast on the Planter’s charming patio in the morning is a must.

My favorite….an omlette and fruit.

One last thing about the Planter’s Inn.  They are very well known for their amazing coconut cake.  My daughter and I decided to split a slice of this piece of heaven and I can tell you it was one of the best cakes I have ever had.  And so filling and I couldn’t even make it to dinner at Husk.  I had to send my daughters and hubby to dinner without me.  Trust me, that is unusual.  I never pass up a good meal-ever, especially at a restaurant where I made a reservation months ago.

On a hot summer day this is the prefect way to see the historic area of Charleston and a great way to learn about the history of this lovely town.  Your kids will appreciate the ride in the heat.

Get lost walking around the South of Broad area – and I really enjoyed Tragg St.  You can’t go wrong with any of the beautiful streets in this area.  Make sure you take the time to just linger and stroll.

Would love to tool around town in this cute little golf cart.

I’m not sure if you are aware, but Charleston is close to some amazing beach spots.  After two or three days in Charleston you might be ready to hit the coast.  Kiawah Island, approximately fifty minutes from Charleston, is the perfect place to cool off and enjoy some beach time.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this spot.

You can actually ride your bikes on the beach.  The sand is hard packed and even the ice cream truck drives on the beach.  And the water is so warm it is like bath water.

If you are putting your summer travel plans together you must consider visiting this part of the country.  It is an ideal spot for a family trip and I can’t recommend it enough.

Do you have a favorite city in the south?  Please tell!

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10 comments on “Charleston… and beyond

    • Hi Shelley, Thanks for stopping by! How fun a girls weekend in Charleston…..I love that idea!! I would love to hang out in Charleston with my favorite gal pals for a weekend of festivities!
      April xo

  1. April, I love this beautiful post! I really need to get to Charleston one day. It just looks so pretty. I know I’d be like you and want to see all the cute homes!! When is the best time to visit? I know it can be quite muggy and hot in the summer.. Is Spring a good time? Love your posts. x Kim

    • Hi Kim, Yes, spring would probably be a nice time to visit this beautiful town! What I like about visiting in the summer are the warm summer nights that we don’t get in the bay area. A lot of heat to deal with during the day but the nights are beautiful. Kim, this is your kind of town! April xo

  2. Lovely post! Great photos – feels like being there. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all. If we find ourselves back on that side of the country we will most certainly add Charleston to the list.

  3. I LOVED CHARLESTON!I went about 4 years ago for the GARDEN and HOUSE TOUR!
    I would LOVE to go back……..our TAXI cab driver was THE BEST who happened to have a business in CHINA half the year!A BURGER and BEER SPOT! He had worked for DUPONT for years and traveled to CHINA for work and notice the lack of AMERICAN CUSINE! He is retired from the FABRIC company and now drives a TAXI half the year and lives in SHANGHAI the rest! More info than you needed to know! I have SUBSCRIBED………..KIM SENT ME!I LIVE in THE BAY AREA ALSO!

    • Hi Contessa, Thanks for stopping by! That was a great story! I would love to go to the house and garden tour! I seriously need to look into that. Sounds like you had a fun visit! Thanks for subscribing…..I appreciate that. April xo

    • Thanks, Monica! I appreciate your kind words! xo I enjoyed following your recent travels to Ireland. I love how you take each of your kids over there individually… special for each of them.

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