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How is your holiday going?  I think I’m finally finished with my holiday shopping after taking one last trip to the mall last night with my older daughter.  I think the key is to go as late as you can to avoid the crowds and to find a parking spot.  It was actually an enjoyable shopping experience last night not having to stand in line forever and I found a parking spot pretty quickly without having to circle the lot to the point of craziness.  My decorating is done, and I’m starting to wrap, and now it is time to do some baking, now that the kids are off and have more time.  I’ve had soooo much sugar already I’m not sure how much more my body can take…..seriously!  My neighbors have to stop dropping off delicious goodies!

I have family coming in for the holidays this week so it was time for me to wrap up my Christmas decorating and do some fluffing around the house.  I think it is very important to have company or overnight visitors on a pretty regular basis because it keeps you on your toes a bit…..don’t you think?!  Having company gives you a reason to spruce things up….. whether it be painting a room that has been waiting to be re-painted or painted, ordering new furniture or window coverings, updating your linens, freshening up the flowers in your yard.  My advice is to have some guests over soon to make you do the things that you have been putting off.  How do you feel about this strategy?  Does having company put you into, “let’s get it done mode”?

Here are a few snapshots of my home during the holidays after much fluffing.


 A wreath, poinsettias, fresh flowers, such as cyclamen, really add a nice festive touch to the entry way.  I decided to add a few succulents to my boxwood planters this year.  They are so hardy and actually thrive when neglected.



 I love orchids and typically buy them at Trader Joe’s or Costco, where they can be purchased for under $20!

 I bought a few evergreen sprays at Whole Foods for $8!!  What a bargain and they look so     festive displayed around the house with pinecones and other accessories.




My sweet little dachshund, Sherlock, keeping an eye on things while sitting on his favorite perch.


Love the greenery with pinecones.  I typically purchase a few bags every holiday and they have the most beautiful fragrance.



 I gave up formal trees many years ago as I now really enjoy all of the sweet whimsical ornaments my kids have made over the years.  I especially love the pictures of them with Santa, which I have framed and turned into ornaments.  It is fun to bring them out every year and reminisce about who was making a funny face with Santa or who was wearing a silly outfit.  Now that they are teens they really enjoy looking back on these as much as I do.  I find that I really enjoy ornaments that are conversation pieces and really like looking at the cute ornaments that my friends have on their trees as well.  I like buying ornaments on vacation as they bring back memories of special trips.





You can never go wrong with candles and they look especially beautiful when lit up throughout your home around the holidays.  Candles add such a magical glow to everything and look beautiful when the lights in your home are dimmed and you allow the candles to be your main source of light.  I think we all look about 5-10 years younger when surrounded by candlelight as well.  Dim the lights and light up some candles at your next party!





Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.

Please remember to think of those that might not have a place to go on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Invite a friend or co-worker over for dinner and think of those who might be lonely this season.  April xo

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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6 comments on “My home at Christmas

  1. Your home looks STUNNING! And, THANK YOU for your favorite things blog post as I used it at the Galleria this weekend to buy holiday gifts for friends and family. xo

    • Thank you, Kirsten! So glad you liked my Favorite Things 2015 post and bought some of the items on the list! How fun! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday! Miss you!!! xo

  2. Hi Ms. B! Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse inside your fluffed up holiday ready house! You are so sweet for inviting us all in and sharing your traditions with us. We do the same thing with our tree and ornaments. This year the twins helped decorate and there were some baby pictures of Them with Santa in framed ornaments as well – it was my favorite part of Christmas so far this year to watch their faces light up seeing themselves in ornament form :)) Ley and I also went late night shopping last night – it is the perfect time! ….Not crowded and actually able to get things done, loved it. Sherlock looks adorable, cozy and happy. Merry, merry, see you soon, xoxo, hugs and cheers, Bita

    • Thanks, Bita! Thank you for your kind words! So glad you had a positive shopping experience! It pays to go late in the evening, doesn’t it!? Love the picture frame ornaments! Enjoy the rest of your week! xo

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