Crazy for Faux Fur Vests

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?  We went back to the Midwest to visit my family for four days.  It was really the perfect time to go. The temperatures were cold, but not quite freezing yet.

I’m so happy to see that faux fur vests are back in again this season.  I’ve been wearing them for the last two years and really thought they would be long gone by now, but they are all over the place.  Not only are they fun to wear, but they are cozy and warm to boot! I love it when style and comfort come together….don’t you?!

A black vest is a staple and can be paired with just about anything in your wardrobe. This fun leopard shirt/sweater that I recently found at H&M is soft and luxurious and looks and feels like something I could have paid a lot more for but didn’t.


Same black vest worn with a black Lush shirt from Nordstrom.  These great shirts come in a variety of colors and they are $38!!  They are great layering pieces!  Sometimes I like the look of black on black together and the leopard clutch breaks up the all black look.  I had been looking for the perfect leopard clutch and recently found this one at Banana Republic.


This vest is from H&M and looks great paired with black or I think it would look great with an ivory shirt or denim shirt.  Get creative….lots of fun options!  H&M has so many vests in stock right now.  I tried to find this one online for my millions of readers, but it looks like it is sold out.  It comes in a variety of different colors.  Drop in to one of their stores and take a look or do some digging online to find something similar on their website.


This cute little number is from Forever 21.  Again, they had a lot of vests to choose from just like H & M!  Hard to tell from this picture, but there is a hint of blue in this vest, which I thought would look nice paired with a denim/chambray shirt.


I’ve had this vest for a few years now and I absolutely love it.  It’s a Max Studio vest that I paid a bit more for, but have worn countless times.  I love my denim shirt and wear it as a layering piece a great deal, but this vest would look just as nice with an ivory or brown shirt.


Are you wearing faux fur?  I think it is such a fun trend if worn the right way.  Don’t get too busy with it or you run the risk of it looking a bit tacky.  Keep it simple, keep it classy.  You can’t go wrong with this fun and current look.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  I’m just starting to get into the groove. Our tree is going up this weekend and I’m slowly starting to decorate. The day after Thanksgiving, my dad’s wife took everything that was related to Thanksgiving down, and turned the whole house over to Christmas.  Nothing was untouched.  All dishes are Christmas related, bathrooms are decorated for Christmas, all mantels, 3 trees….one in their bedroom, living room, and basement.  My girls told me I need to decorate more…..and I thought I was! 🙂

Take a deep breath and enjoy some nice Christmas tunes from Michael Buble.

I’ll be back soon with a favorite holiday cocktail and an easy appetizer that can also be served for brunch or dinner.

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8 comments on “Crazy for Faux Fur Vests

  1. Love the faux vests:-) totally enjoying your blog too! So glad you told me about it when I saw you at Peet’s! Have a wonderful holiday season?

    • Hi Lainee, So glad you are enjoying my blog! Hope to see you at Peet’s again real soon. Happy Holidays to you and your family! xo

  2. Hello Ms. B, you know how I love your fashion posts! I also noticed all the faux fur everywhere this season. I picked up a cute jacket for Ley from Forever to wear as part of her Halloween costume this year…well sort of costume – her outfit was so cute! I was very tempted to grab one for myself but worried it might be too trendy. Now that I’ve read you’ve been wearing the faux fur for a few years I’m convinced it’s more than just a trend. My favorite of those you featured in this post is the Max Studio vest, classy. Thanks for sharing Ms. B. Stop by Oven Hug for some healthy recipe inspiration 😉

    • Hi Bita, Thank you for your kind words! You need to get one…..I think you would look great in one! Yes, I need to stop by Oven Hug again….those Persian Burgers looked delicious!

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