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Okay, so I was planning on doing a totally different post, but after shopping for a Halloween costume this past weekend I stumbled upon several great pieces I wanted to share right away.  This post just couldn’t wait!  And, by the way, the other post I was planning on will be out soon…..it is all about my recent update to my formal living room, you know, that room we use all the time?!  Not exactly, right!?  I apologize for the month long absence, but my time has been consumed with college essay and college application reviews. It is crunch time as apps for early action and early decision are due November 1st. It is great to be back and I hope you find a few cute pieces from my selection.

Let’s start with H & M where I ended up finding several pieces for my Halloween costume… plus some!

I’ve been wearing this soft blue top nonstop since I bought it over the weekend and I made another trip back to H & M today hoping to find it in another color, which I did!  Score!  It also comes in off white and orange, but I didn’t care for the orange too much. The color was off in my opinion, but the off-white was perfect.  This shirt is beyond comfortable and feels just like a sweatshirt, but a more dressed up version, especially when a necklace is added.

Another great find at H & M.  This is probably one of the most comfortable sweaters I have ever worn. It has large, balloon like sleeves and is tight at the wrist.  It is hard to see the actual look of this sweater on the model, but trust me, it’s a great sweater.  I’m planning to wear it with jeans dressed up with a necklace or scarf – or with a vest on cooler and more casual days.  I also bought this one in two colors, black and off- white.

I’m normally not one for printed flower tops, but the balloon sleeve, buttoned up lower sleeve, and the dainty neckline got me. I’m planning to wear it to the wine country this weekend with jeans and a green leather jacket.

A NYC blogger that my daughter and I follow showcased this cute coat, from Old Navy, on her IG story this past weekend.  We loved it so much we had to buy it.  Hopefully it looks as good in person.  You never know with faux suede.  Sometimes it looks good, and sometimes it looks cheap.  I will keep you posted.  For the price it was worth ordering.

Now on to shoes….

My daughter has been wanting a pair of over the knee boots for a while, and of course, she wants a pair from Tory Burch.  She has a job and I told her to buy them for herself.  You can imagine she didn’t want to part with her hard earned money so she found a pair at Target.  I can’t even begin to tell you how nice they are for the price.  She bought them in black and they don’t look inexpensive at all.  I think when you are going for a cheaper brand, black always looks best as you don’t see all of the detailing as much.  They look great on her and I am planning to borrow them!


Now on to a pair of boots I found by INC.

I thought I would take a swing by the Macy’s shoe department after I couldn’t find anything at Nordstrom. Their boot selection was quite minimal, which I thought was very unusual for this time of the year.  I was pleasantly surprised by the large selection at Macy’s and snatched up these chic, suede booties.   And I was able to buy them at 50% off!  I saved $55!   What a day I tell you!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found a few cute pieces in this post.  Stay tuned for my formal living room update and a post about our time in Brooklyn and NYC this past August.

April xo

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