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Are you liking the flannel shirt/plaid shirt trend that is popular right now?  I was recently doing some back to school shopping with my daughter in the Brass Plum department (teen department) at Nordstrom and spotted three flannel shirts that I thought would be great additions to my late summer/fall wardrobe. Do you like to shop in the teen department?  I always find the best pieces in Brass Plum and I always love the price!!  Seriously…. these shirts were $39 a piece!  I also want to mention that my all time favorite pair of white jeans came from that department last summer.  I love a good pair of jeans, and I often splurge on higher end brands, but why would you when you can buy these?!  And they were under $60!!



I’m still wearing white jeans and will continue to wear them through October.  Growing up I always felt I could only wear white pants Memorial Day through Labor Day……what do you think about that?  Maybe that was more of a midwest and east coast rule?  Now that I’ve been living in the bay area for the last 30 years….(gulp), and our warmest months tend to be September and October, I feel very comfortable wearing this crisp and easy color through the fall months.

I love the red and navy blue flannel with the white, but decided to pair it with a pair of dark jeans as well.


My teens think this hat looks like Pharrell’s hat, which it kind of does, but I’ve decided that it’s okay because I really like Pharrell!  He is a hip guy in his 40’s so I will take that as a compliment from my girls! 😉


The below flannel I found at Forever 21 while shopping with my daughter recently.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorites and it was only $20!!  Sometimes I find the best pieces there….seriously.  I give my kids 30 minutes in that store……I set my timer and when it goes off we are done.  I find F21 to be very overwhelming and I think that my kids can’t even concentrate because there is so much going on, but give them a time limit and they start to focus a bit more.  I’ll be honest with you, when I’m shopping alone I do sometimes drop into Forever 21 just to check things out at a more leisurely pace without the timer in place.


 Hard to believe we are wrapping up summer and heading into fall!

What are your thoughts about white jeans? Are you wearing flannel this season?

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8 comments on “Flannel shirt trend

  1. Hi April! I love your fashion find posts the best I think 😉 The plaid shirts are adorable – my favorite one is the one in the lighter pastel color. I also sometimes shop in the teen departments because that’s where I’m spending most of my time in the store these days! I will have to look for that pastel plaid, super cute! I am a big white jean wearer – I will wear them almost year round in our climate In fact, I think anything goes in Cali and that the only after Easter (or whatever it is!) rules are out. I have some fetishes lately and jeans are one of them. Love the cute ones that fold up now and everything in between. In fact I don’t think I own a ‘normal’ pair of pants. Yet another thing I need to look for in my mother’s closet before girls trip this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration April and glad to know I’m not the only 40 something in Forever 21 and the teen departments! Shop on my friend 🙂

    • Hey Bita, Thanks for stopping by! Aren’t the flannel shirts cute……they are everywhere right now! I think the pastel one would look great on you! I guess I need to calm down on the white jean rules and just wear them whenever I want!

  2. Those flannel shirts are ALL adorable and I may copy you and buy one of them myself!
    They look great with white/ivory jeans or cords–great idea.
    I am a Fall person and can’t wait for the crisp air to return.

    • Hey Renee, I’m pretty anxious for fall as well….love the cooler temps and fall clothing! Glad you liked the post and I hope to see you in a flannel the next time I see you. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you, Nora! I will tell my teens you liked the hat! 😉
      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing your fall line.

  3. Love your Blog! Finally got online and pretty much read through everything from May to October. The photos are fantastic and while reading the copy I feel like I’m sitting right across from you in the coffee shop getting great suggestions for travel, food and fashion.

    Looking forward to your next posts!

    • Hey Andrea! Thanks for stopping by! So glad you are enjoying my posts! Hope to see you soon and I have a new post going out tomorrow! xo

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