A girls trip to Cabo

It has been about four weeks since my blissful getaway to Cabo with three of my very good friends.  Our big trip is typically every May and is something I look forward to for months! I’m finding that as I get older, a once a year trip with the gal pals is not enough.  We try to plan something a bit smaller and more local in the fall.  Always have to have fun things to look forward to!  I’m telling you, once you start planning these they can become a bit addictive!  If you don’t plan some type of annual getaway with your girlfriends, then I really suggest that you put something together!  Really, I do.  It certainly doesn’t have to be far, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Someone in your group should take the lead and get the wheels rolling.  If you don’t have a group, then reach out to some ladies that you think would be fun to get away with.  Most women I know would not be opposed to this idea at all. Go for it and make it happen!

Our home away from home while visiting Cabo was the lovely Esperanza Resort.  There are many gorgeous places to choose from in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and many places along the corridor, which is located between the two cities. The Cabo area is still recovering from Hurricane Odile that hit this beautiful area almost two years ago.  The damage is mainly seen along the highway and not at the resorts. Most of the resorts are now better than ever and have been completely remodeled and many new resorts are slated to open in the next year or two.

Here are some new dreamy resorts that are opening soon……




The below chaise lounge chairs became a very large part of our vacation experience. I can tell you that they were very comfortable and were the perfect place to relax while talking about very important issues.





We do typically venture out a bit while staying at Esperanza, but there really isn’t a reason to if you don’t want to.  They have great restaurants, great bars, fun and challenging exercise classes, a lovely spa, and a gorgeous beach.





We almost always find ourselves going to Edith’s on our first night for their yummy fish and delicious Mexican food – and for the margaritas, that are as big as serving bowls.  Festive decor and their always entertaining mariachi band put us right into the Mexican vacation spirit!


DSC04142 (1)

After a great dinner at Edith’s we stopped by the relatively new, Cape Hotel, for a night cap. A very modern hotel with a very unique aesthetic.  They have a beautiful rooftop bar with gorgeous sunset views with live entertainment and additional live entertainment in the lobby bar.  It was a fun night and a great way to get our vacation started.


The lovely Cape Hotel lit up on a beautiful May evening.


The one place we always venture to on Sunday mornings for brunch is the darling Flora’s Farm. This delicious farm to table restaurant is very close to San Jose Del Cabo and about a 40 minute drive from where we stay.  It is worth the planning to dine at this delicious restaurant.  Flora’s used to be a bit of a secret as it is only accessed via a dirt road, but not anymore…kind of a bummer!  We still enjoy it and will continue to go back for the friendly service, beautiful outdoor ambiance and for the delicious food they offer….which is never disappointing.


Everything is always so incredibly fresh and their cocktails are so unique and delicious that it is hard to have just one!


Lingering around the beautiful grounds before or after a meal is part of the experience.


If you happen to be in San Jose del Cabo on a Thursday night, make plans to go to the San Jose del Cabo art walk and then head over to Flora’s for dinner.


Just down the dirt road from Flora’s is a new restaurant called, Acre. We stopped by to take a peek and decided we would like to check it out for dinner the next time we are visiting Cabo.  A completely different vibe from Flora’s.  Acre is very chic and modern with a roof top bar and a very eclectic organic menu.


On our way back to Esperanza we decided to do a little hotel hopping.  We stopped by The One and Only Palmilla for an after brunch “afternoon cap”!  Always nice to check out other places to see how they compare.  It did not disappoint in any way!



Do you plan getaways with your favorite gal pals? Where do you like to go? I would love to know!!

In case you missed my post about my favorite outfits from Cabo, you can read about that here.

And, if you are looking for more inspiration for getaways with your friends, here is one I posted from last year about our trip to Palm Springs.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I always appreciate your kind comments and thoughts ……I truly do!  April xo










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12 comments on “A girls trip to Cabo

  1. Hi Ms. B! First of all, fantastic photos in this post! I can really get the taste of where you stayed and visited on this trip. I love Flora’s – it is right next to Secrets where we stayed for our friends wedding in January. This was a great post – keep ’em coming! ?

    • Hey Bita, Thank you! Cabo is always such a fun destination and I’m glad you had a chance to try Flora’s…..nice it was so close to where you stayed!

  2. April, This looks like such a fun trip! I do recall seeing your IG pics and looks like a gorgeous spot. I’ve been to Cozumel, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta .. never Cabo.. and it seems like EVERYONE goes there.

    Thanks for sharing your fun pics! Have a wonderful weekend:)

    • Hi Leslie, Yes, Cabo is a great spot and is quite a popular destination these days. Quick flight from the bay area….3 hours, which is nice. I think you would love it! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! April xo

    • Hi Monica, You are so sweet! xo I’m so glad you are enjoying my posts and thanks for stopping by to say hi!

    • Hey Andrea, Wish I was back on the beach with a pretty drink! Beach vacations are the best….aren’t they?! I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for stopping by and I hope your summer is off to a good start!

    • I love Esperanza! I’m sure she had a wonderful time and I think she needs to invite you next time! 😉

  3. I don’t know how I missed reading this! I’ve never been to this area and it’s gorgeous. There seems to be many posh resorts and restaurants. You looked so pretty and love those shoes!! Thanks for sharing all the good spots. I need to plan a girl’s trip. You have your priorities straight! x Kim

    • Hi Kim, You would love Cabo! Great place for a warm getaway and only a 3 hour fight away. Great hotels, bars, and delicious food! I can’t wait to go back!

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