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I hope that your summer is off to a good start and that the warm days and evenings have you thinking about having friends and family over for outdoor gatherings.  If you’re in need of an appetizer to go with my watermelon martini (I hope you’ve had a chance to try it) this appetizer is my go to crowd pleaser when I’m having people over, or when somebody pops over for an unexpected visit and you find yourself scrambling to find something quick and easy to serve!  A log of goat cheese is something I always try to keep on hand because it is so easy to pair with so many different things in a pinch.  I’m showing you three options, but there are so many things that you can add to goat cheese to make it party ready in a hurry!

Here are some of my favorite toppings and crackers……


I was introduced to this honey and walnut goat cheese appetizer many years ago at a party and it has now become one of my absolute favorites! Seriously, where had that recipe been all my life!?  Well, now I’m with the program, and I can tell you that the combination of the tart cheese and the sweet honey is so fabulous that you will want to have this for a snack for yourself and have a party of your own!


Pairing it with a peach or some other type of fresh fruit is a great addition!


Another topping I like to add is fig sauce. I found this jar at Whole Foods, but I’m sure that many other stores carry this one, or something similar. Adding the fig gives it a slightly sweet flavor, but not quite as much as the honey. I actually like to slice the fig and offer that as a topping to the appetizer. When buying figs just make sure they are not too soft and not too hard…..quite similar to picking out the perfect avocado. Just wash the fig and you are ready to eat it whole or slice it up to add to your goat cheese cracker or toss into a salad.


Another topping I like to add is a sour cherry spread, and I must say, this is a great combination of tangy sweet and tart all mixed together to create one fabulous little creation!


Alright, there is a last minute entry to this party!  I just found a Bellini Jam at the store (a completely unexpected find) a few hours ago that I had to try out for this appetizer!  Since I’ve never met a bellini I didn’t like, I just had to buy this jam and find out for myself if it would work as well as the other sauces I paired with the goat cheese……and the answer is, yes!


In celebration of finding this very festive jam I decided to whip up a batch of fresh peach bellinis to pair with this appetizer tonight!



So there you have it….three four ways to prepare goat cheese. I hope this delicious appetizer becomes a favorite of yours and that you find it as easy to make as I do! You could really use any topping that you have on hand and I’m sure it would be simply marvelous, even caramel sauce paired with an apple would be wonderful!  The combinations are endless!

What is your go to appetizer for entertaining? I would love to know!

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    • Thanks, Vanessa! It’s always a hit! I tend to use the Laura Chenel brand a lot, but I’ve been quite happy with other brands as well.
      The Chenel brand can be found at most large markets. Thanks for stopping by!

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