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First, I just have to say, where is this year going??  It seems like yesterday I was putting all of our Christmas stuff away and now I’m seeing ads for the holidays again.  Once Halloween hits the frenzy starts, doesn’t it?  Take a deep breath and let the games begin!  I was hoping to share a cute pic of my front entry way all decorated for fall, but the squirrels had a field day with my pumpkins!  Anyone else having problems with squirrels feasting on their pumpkins? #pumpkinproblems

This week I would like to share some of my favorite recipes from other bloggers and other sites that are on heavy rotation in my kitchen.  Some are faster than others, but most make for very good leftovers, which is a good thing if you are putting in some serious prep time.

This first recipe is from the very popular blog, Pioneer Woman.  This chicken tortilla soup is insanely good and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this recipe!  It does take a bit of prep, but you will be rewarded with an amazing and satisfying dinner that makes for plenty of leftovers!  Don’t skip the toppings, because they really make the soup extra special!

If you are looking for a time saver, Whole Foods is now carrying containers of diced onions, and I think I have seen cut up peppers, which makes putting this recipe together a breeze when most of the chopping is done!

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Minestrone soup…. just the name makes you think of fall and winter doesn’t it?!  To me this is the ultimate comfort food.  This recipe is from Rachael Ray and I have found it to be a great basic recipe for this soup!  I don’t add bacon, but instead I add ground turkey.  The bacon definitely adds a bit more spunk to the soup, but it ends up being a bit too salty for me.

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Beef barley soup is another favorite of mine and is a great dinner on a cool evening with the fireplace on.  Cozy and warm.  This soup just feels like a big hug to me!  I always use low sodium broth in all my soups.  With a teaspoon of salt and regular broth I think the finished product is way too salty.  Keep it low in sodium and you can add salt to taste.  Much better option than over salting.

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This next recipe is from Shutterbean.  This lemon chicken is so delicious and so incredibly tender it melts in your mouth.  Serve over rice and you are good to go.  A side of broccoli or a salad is always a nice option with this dinner.  I have used breasts and thighs and I do like both.

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This salad from Marin Mama cooks is amazing in every way!  I could drink the dressing!  It does require some prep, and sometimes when I’m short on time, I skip the zucchini part and it is still good. When you do have some extra time, add the zucchini, because it really adds a great flavor and texture.

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Love these roasted sweet potatoes from Marin Mama.  Don’t these look delicious?!

I think I could eat a dozen right now!  So simple and so healthy.

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Another delicious dinner from Marin Mama.  One pan quinoa wraps.  I could eat Mexican food every night and these are so satisfying, delicious, and flavorful!

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Another goodie from Marin Mama Cooks.  This is Broccoli Lemon Pasta….this is delicious and the kids and I love it.  FYI: the broccoli with lemon butter is an amazing side dish if you don’t want to make the complete recipe.  The lemon sauce is deee-lish! 🙂

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Another option for Broccoli and Bow Ties from Barefoot Contessa.  The addition of lemon gives this recipe some extra pizazz and I like to add chicken for some protein.

Image from Barefoot Contessa


White turkey chili is another favorite in our house.  Love this recipe from Whole Foods.  I normally leave out the jalapeños for the kids since the green chiles add just enough kick.  And I use two cans of white beans drained instead of boiling whole beans.

Don’t forget the toppings!

Image from Whole Foods


Here is a quick and easy weeknight dinner using a roasted chicken from the store.  Putting together tacos or burritos has never been easier with this delicious recipe from Oven Hug.

My favorite roasted whole chickens are from Whole Foods where they offer “perfectly plain” chickens with no added salt. Yum!

Image from Oven Hug

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Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic.  Love this delicious chicken recipe that is quick and easy to make.  Throw everything into a dutch oven or some type of roasting pan and let the oven do the work on this magical dish.

Image from the Food Network.


So there you have it.  Twelve of my favorite recipes that are on heavy rotation.  I hope you get a chance to try a few of these this fall season and I hope they become favorites in your house, too!

Please share your favorites!! Sharing is good and we all need new ideas, right!?

April 🙂



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10 comments on “Recipes I love!

  1. Yum, thanks for the inspiration. I struggle to come up with new recipes since we’ve become vegetarian/vegan. I will be “vegan-izing” one of the broccoli pasta recipes.

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by to say hi! Glad you liked some of the recipes. The quinoa Mexican wraps are a nice vegetarian option as well. 🙂

  2. Another fantastic post, April. Keep up the good work. I, too, had the pesky squirrel problem in the past until I came up with this easy solution. Add cayenne pepper to a mixture of water and glue. Paint solution onto pumpkin. Haven’t had a problem with squirrels since. If my kiddos are decorating the pumpkins I wait until they’re done carving them before applying the pepper glue.

    • Hi Monica, Thanks for that great squirrel tip! Maybe I will buy a few more pumpkins and try that recipe! I can’t believe how aggressive they are this year. They have never been that bad before!

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for the LOVE! So happy you love so many of my recipes. Makes my heart smile and reminds me that I need to keep blogging every so often! I’m making up those sweet potatoes this weekend, as they’re in abundance everywhere!
    Have an awesome weekend 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

    • Yes, I love your recipes! Keep blogging when you get a chance! Congrats on the new job….lots of exciting things going on in your life right now! So fun reading your latest post. April xo

  4. April, Super post! I cannot wait to try a few of these. It comes at a perfect time as I love cooking even more as it gets cooler and all of these seem like healthy comfort food. I have made many of Jackie’s recipes, but not this broccoli one, so going to try that. Love all the soups too. I agree with you about using low sodium broth and adding salt only as needed at the end. Your cooking was a great example of that- so tasty and you would never know you used minimal salt. It’s so much better for us that way. Surprising how much salt is in even beans! Love all of these and going to share on my page. I think I’ll make the minestrone tomorrow. Have a great weekend! x Kim

    • Hi Kim, So happy you liked the post and got some new recipe ideas! I feel like I’m always in a recipe rut and I’m always looking for inspiration! I hope you got a chance to make the minestrone soup….last weekend was such a great weekend for soup! Thanks for sharing this post…..I appreciate it! xo

    • Hi Heather, Glad you found some inspiring recipes! You will love Marin Mama’s recipes….so healthy and delicious! It must be nice to have more time to cook now that you are retired. No more rushing around at dinner time trying to figure out what to have after a long day at work, right?! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! xo

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