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I love wearing sweaters and it is finally cool enough, 55 degrees cool, in the SF Bay Area to finally start wearing them on a regular basis!  As much as I love dressing for summer, there is something very cozy about wearing sweaters and boots all winter long.  I would say I pretty much have a uniform for the winter months…..skinny jeans and boots, sweaters and scarves, and a vest.  Those things are my go to all winter long.

I love the fit and feel of this sweater so much that I had to buy it in two colors.  Do you ever find something you like so much that you have to buy one in another color?  I do that with shoes sometimes, too!  Sometimes when you find a good thing you have to have two!  Agree or disagree?

After Christmas I decided to do a bit of shopping with my Nordstrom gift cards and I found this extremely comfortable sweater from, Leith.  I knew I would get a lot of use out of navy blue and white so I decided to pick up both colors.  A good price point at $52.

I love the cut…..a little shorter in the front and a little longer in the back, but not too long.

I am wearing one of my favorite chunky necklaces from Zara.  To me, accessories are everything.  I have a very large collection of necklaces that I wear all the time.  Nothing like a good necklace, earrings, or bracelet…or all three, to amp up a plain shirt or sweater!


I love wearing white with all silver or gold accessories.  Here I have chosen a few of my favorite silver accessories.  This sweater is so lightweight that it is something I will wear all year long in the bay area and perfect for our cool summer nights.


Wearing my favorite new comfy sweater with a flannel underneath for some layering and I’m wearing a casual day favorite of mine…. a pair of Converse.  Love wearing Converse with casual pants, shorts, or easy breezy summer dresses.  Do you like Converse?  They have so many fun colors these days and I think they are a bit more fashion forward and trendy than a pair of chunky sneakers.


Shown here is the Nordstrom model wearing my favorite new slouchy, cotton sweater from, Leith.  I love the distressed jeans she is wearing the sweater with.


Here is another one of my favorite new sweaters for the winter.  I found these two beautiful cashmere sweaters right before the holidays and wore them both to several holiday gatherings.  I love the flowy sleeve of this sweater.  It is a very elegant sweater and so very comfortable, without being itchy or constricting.  I found this gem online at Bloomingdales and it is currently on sale for $92.50.  A great price for a cashmere sweater.

I can’t wait to wear this hot pink sweater with white jeans in the spring.  And the flowy sleeve makes it a good choice for spring and cool summer days and nights.


Here I am wearing my favorite new cashmere sweater with a Kendra Scott necklace.  I found this piece at Poppy in San Carlos.  Kendra Scott jewelry can also be found at Nordstrom or online.


When I find something in black that I love I just have to have it.  Black is my go to color and I know this staple will be in my closet for many seasons to come.


Shown here is the Bloomingdale’s model and the sweater is by Ralph Lauren.  I like the bracelet she is wearing, but why didn’t they style this with a necklace or scarf?


Are you a fan of sweaters?  Do you have a sweater that you go back to again and again?

Thanks for stopping by! April xo

I have lots of fun stuff coming up soon so stay tuned!

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18 comments on “Favorite Sweaters

  1. Hello Ms. B! It is sweater weather, isn’t it? I love all your new sweaters, especially the flow-y bright pink one – I may have to pick one of those up. I know the owner of Poppy where you got the fun necklace too…Jen is an old friend of mine! I’ll have to introduce you some time – please tell her I say ‘hi’ next time you’re in there. I love the accessories in Poppy. See you soon Ms. B. ✨ Bita

    • Hey Bita, Thank you for your kind words! The pink sweater would look fabulous on you…..I think you should put it on your short list! What a small world that you know the owner of Poppy. I’ve never met her, but her store is really cute!

  2. From top to bottom, you look great April. You certainly have a taste for style – with clothing and in many other ways too. Great photos. My problem is, I feel like sweaters make me look too heavy so I make sure to select ones that are not too bulky. Also, as you touched upon, the right length of sweater is critical too. Some can be too long, even with leggings or skinny jeans, and they can draw attention to unwanted curves or again, have that bulky look. It’s a delicate process finding what works for each individual. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Hi Susie, Thank you for your kind words! xo Yes, it is important to find pieces that fit well and are flattering at the same time. I really enjoyed your critique for selecting the right sweater. I think you covered all issues. 😉

    • Hi Andrea, Thank you for stopping by! Yes, so nice to have some sweater weather for sure! Love necklaces…. and I probably have way too many! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hey Monica, Thank you for your kind words! I love it when comfort, style, and price all come together in one great piece! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! xo

    • Hi Leigh, Thanks for stopping by! The pink one was a good find for sure and made me branch out a bit. I love bold colors, but I find myself buying so much black! I need to stop that! Have a great week! April xo

  3. Cute sweaters and accessories! Wish it was 55 degrees in Wisconsin, latest temperature was 23 degrees. I need more than one sweater to keep warm- not a cute look.

    • Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the nice comment! Layering is always a good idea, especially when it is that cold outside! Have a good week and I hope it warms up! April xo

  4. Hi April,
    Thank you so very much for the kind words on the blog today, April. Scott is feeling a bit better but we are hoping he is well enough to get back to work and to enjoy our trip to Akumal in a couple of weeks. These sweaters are lovely on you. I love the way you mix them up with statement accessories. I’m thinking that black one is just perfection-thanks for sharing the link.
    I do enjoy your blog (though I’m doing some catch up after a busy season)-the whole vibe-and I just added you to my blog roll. I want to be sure to keep in touch.
    Thanks again for the kindness and the fashion inspiration today. 🙂
    xx, Heather

    • Hi Heather, Thank you for stopping by! I hope that Scott continues to improve so you two can go on your fabulous getaway! Yes, I’m loving that black one, too! I can never say no to a fabulous black piece of clothing. Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll! So nice of you! April xo

    • Hi Cindy, Thank you for stopping by to say hi! I know.. I’m loving that black sweater so much! It was definitely a good find and I’m wearing it a lot! Have a great weekend!

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