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We are getting ready to leave for France and Spain this week and I wanted to share a few of my favorite travel items.  When taking a long flight I like to be comfortable, but yet somewhat stylish so when I arrive at my destination I can hit the ground looking half way decent!  For this trip I’ve decided to wear a pair of my favorite palazzo pants.  They are so incredibly comfortable, and are truly the perfect travel pant in my opinion.  You must try a pair on!  I think yoga pants would be a close second in the comfort category!  I get very chilly on flights so I’m going to pair the outfit with a scarf and my black cashmere wrap that doubles as a blanket!


I always carry on and so do my kids, the only exception is a ski vacation, where I’m packing a lot of bulky items.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, I don’t want to arrive at my destination and have a lost bag.  Secondly, I want to just grab my bag from the overhead bin and go!  I don’t want to go to the baggage carousel and wait for my bag……I would much rather be starting my vacation!  I always have a bright colored bag so it doesn’t get lost in the sea of black suitcases.  Having a bright color allows you to identify your bag right away and not worry about somebody else leaving with your bag by accident.  If you travel with a black bag, tie a nice ribbon or a bold colored name tag around the handle, and that will help you identify your bag more quickly.  Many times my suitcase doesn’t always end up in the bin right above my seat, and often times it is down the row a bit, the bright color just helps!

Just to let you know what I was able to fit into my carry on……

3 pairs of shorts, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of white jeans, 2 belts, 12 shirts, 1 bathing suit and cover up, 3 pairs of PJ bottoms and shirts, 3 pairs of sandals and a pair of ballet flats, a bag of jewelry, socks, undergarments, a jacket, and 2 scarves. I might end up doing a load of laundry along the way or sending out a few things to the hotel cleaners. This is for a 10 day trip…..what do you think?  I’m always surprised at what I can fit into my carry on and I still feel like I have some creative options with the 12 shirts, scarves, and jewelry.


The next thing that I absolutely can not travel with out are my noise cancelling headphones.  I absolutely love these!!  It is like having your own private concert at 35,000 feet!!  I’m sure many of you already travel with these, but if you don’t, run to the store right now and get them for your next trip, or put them on your birthday or holiday list!  You will tune everything and everybody out once you put these amazing headphones on. Trust me on this one!


Packing something healthy on a long flight is something I like to plan ahead for. This wheat berry salad, from Barefoot Contessa, is the perfect salad for a long flight because it can be eaten at room temperature.  This salad is very healthy and filling and it is something I look forward to snacking on when I’m on a long flight. This will go into a plastic container that I can carry on the plane.  I just wanted to give you a nice visual of this salad.  I will share the recipe when I get back…..I think you will really enjoy it!


We haven’t travelled with our kids to Europe in about five years so I’m very excited about taking them back as teens, well, I think so?!  My older daughter is excited to use her French…..(hummm, it should be interesting to see what she orders for us), and we have planned this particular vacation to coincide with the finale of the Tour de France in Paris.  My husband is a very big bicycle enthusiast and has ridden portions of the tour on his own in the past.

Here are some Paris moments from the past.  All I can say is that time goes by way too fast! With the kiddos in 2006 in Montmartre.  I love these stairs and I think they are a great place for pictures!  They are near the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, which is a must see.  Great views from the Basilica in the 18th arrondissement.

Paris 2006 Day 1 002

 Here we are at Ms Manon’s bakery, across from the Place des Vosges, taking a baking class back in 2010.  If they still offer this class, I highly recommend it!  We left with so many goodies!


One more picture just to show you that my kids are not always smiling on trips…..jet lag often gets the best of them!  Seriously!  We try to eat often and throw in some fun things for the kids to do throughout the day…..and a glass of wine for mom and dad does not hurt at all!  Not at all!!  This picture was taken right after my older daughter decided to push our younger daughter down in front of Notre Dame. Oh the joys!  She had a gash on her chin and a gray colored tooth for quite some time.  We always have our “travel moments,” but in the end, those are some of the things we laugh about later.

Paris 2006 Day 1 009

What items do you love to travel with?  I would love to know what your favorites are?

Thanks for stopping by!  I will be back at blogging the week of August 10th. xo


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6 comments on “Travel Favorites & More

  1. This post was so fortuitous as I am trying to get my head around a 6 week trip to the UK for the kids and hubby. I have bought two large suitcases for the long haul flight and two new carryons for the side trips to Paris and Vienna. It’s been 13 years since I have been to Europe and I am nervous about travelling with the kids (7 & 10) and thinking about packing for four people has given me a case of ‘serious’ denial. I have written down your list and will be using it as a guide for myself, at least it takes one person out of the equation! I was also heartened to see that other peoples kids ‘have moments’ during holidays, and what’s more, you acknowledged it! Oh, and I must hunt out my denim jacket! Thank you – I feel a little more confident today that I can tackle the mountain that is ‘packing for a family holiday.’ So, so glad I found your site. Enjoy your break and I look forward to hearing how it went. Jane (Australia)

    • Hi Jane, Wow…your trip sounds wonderful! So glad you found my post helpful. Good luck and let me know how everything goes!

  2. … an eye mask. Won’t leave home without one. Even though I can’t sleep on a plane, the mask blocks out all light and gives me a sense of privacy. And of course it takes up no room in my carry on.

    • Hi Leigh, I enjoyed your pics from DC! Sorry to hear about Liza….maybe the heat really got to her. Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

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