What I wore in Cabo 2017

Always a good time in Mexico with my girlfriends.  And always fun to have a few new pieces in the suitcase to wear for dinner and drinks.  To be honest, I never go crazy packing and try to keep things relatively simple.  I always know that I’m going to wear some things twice.  I always carry on and never check my bags.  I now have my girlfriends very well trained and my family has been carrying on for years- even on 2 week trips.  We have it down.  Even when carrying on I still feel like I have plenty of options.  Just a small sample of what was in my suitcase……4 dresses, 1 pair of shorts, 3 bathing suits, 3 cover-ups, 3 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of heels, and 1 pair of tennis shoes, 2 work-out outfits.  I want to get off the plane and not wait for bags. 🙂

The first night out I wore a pair of jeans, a flutter sleeve top, and nude heels…..for drinks and dinner at a great restaurant that I will share more about in an upcoming Cabo post.

The shirt is from Gap and comes in a few different colors.  The shoes are from Banana Republic and I bought them at 30% off.  Not sure if they are still on sale, but they go on sale frequently.  These shoes go with everything!  A great staple to have in your closet and the heel height is perfect.  Not too high and not too short.

I’m in love with this cute silk dress from Banana!  Again, this lovely piece was on sale at 30% off.  BR has the best sales!  I wore this off the shoulder dress with black wedges.  This dress is so comfortable and it even has pockets.

Here is another piece from Banana.  A lovely maxi dress with a bow tie on the top and pockets.  Again, another comfortable and cute option from BR.  And this comes in petite, which is so nice when wearing a maxi dress when you are only 5’4″.

My favorite new hat from Solescapes.  A large brim and adjustable tie inside to make it just the right size.  I have to have a tie inside or I find myself running after my hat because it is blowing off my head. #hatproblems

Not sure how I ended up with two drinks, but Esperanza hands out sample drinks sometimes. #hateitwhenthathappens  😉

What is your vacation style?  Are you dressy or casual?  Do you like to keep it simple or do you like to pack a bunch of options?

  I will be back soon with another post about my recent getaway to Cabo and I will be sharing some fun new finds.

Thanks for stopping by!  April 🙂

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6 comments on “What I wore in Cabo 2017

  1. Your pool coverup looks so cute in the last picture! Would love to know where it is from. Looks like a
    fun trip…

    • Hi Alyce, Thanks for stopping by to say hi! The cover up is from a store called, Dolma. Unfortunately, they don’t have anymore in stock, but they do have a lot of other cute tunics that could easily be used as a cover up. It doesn’t look like they have a website. Yes, it was a fun trip and I’m already looking forward to our next one!

  2. April, I am with you- always do carry-on even on big trips. I have trained the whole family to do it too. So much less stress and you can’t lose your luggage. I agree less is better and I try to edit. If I need something I figure you can always buy it. I like to have a little extra room for souvenirs!

    Your BR dresses are perfect. I am also 5’4 so I do like that they have petite. You’re so right – no maxis for me otherwise! The striped dress is darling and the maxi is lovely for dinners. Great idea having a string for the hat, especially by the beach. I am excited to read more about this trip!! xxoo Kim

    • Hi Kim, Yes, carrying on is always a good idea, isn’t it?! Sometimes my bag can be a bit heavy, but so nice not having to worry about a lost bag. BR has had so many cute things in recently and their sales are fabulous! April 🙂

  3. Great looks! Looks like you had a great time. I love that cover up in the last pic, where is Dolma? I try to pack light, but usually fail in the end. That said, when I get to my destination I wear only 1/2 pieces, lol! I’ll keep trying to lighten up the load, it makes things so much easier. Oh, I’m loving the BR red maxi on you!

    • Hi Suzanne, Thank you for stopping by to say hi! I know….isn’t that cover up so cute?! I should have done a post just about the cover up. It was basically one of a kind and that is why I didn’t link it and they don’t have a website. 🙁
      I was always an over packer as well and realized I was going home with so many unworn pieces. I still go home with unworn clothing, but not as much now and it is so nice to be carrying less and I’m not worrying about lost luggage. I hope your summer is off to a nice start. April

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